Swimming with Float

1:1 lesson block - Our 1:1s are 30 minute lessons costing £90 on each enrollment date for the 5 weeks of lessons.
(£18 per lesson).

2:1 lesson block - Our 2:1s are 30 minute lessons costing £130 or £65 per child on each enrollment date for the 5 weeks of lessons. (£26 per lesson, £13 per child).

Group lesson block - Our groups are 30 minute lessons costing £30 on each enrollment date for the 5 weeks of lessons (£6 per lesson). Our groups have a maximum of 6 swimmers to 1 instructor.

Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all parents or guardians (“you”) of any child
attending swimming lessons organised by Swim Co Swim School (“we” or “us”). Please
ensure you have read and understood the following and please keep a copy for your

Acceptance of terms and conditions
By booking, or your child attending a swimming lesson with us, you accept these terms and
conditions and they will form a binding contract between you and us.
You will ensure that your child/children and any other children you bring to the swimming
pool will follow the general swimming pool rules set out at the end of these terms and
conditions and any rules that are specific to a particular pool.
We reserve the right to vary these terms and conditions at any time upon reasonable notice
to you.

We run two types of swimming lesson courses as follows:
(A) Weekly lessons for a period of 5 to 10 consecutive weeks, not including school holiday
breaks. Each lesson on a course will take place on the same day, at the same time and at
the same pool every week for the duration of the course (including bank holidays if running).
The start date, start time and amount of lessons along with the name of teacher will be
confirmed in writing on an invoice/receipt that will be given to you prior/during or up to 5
working days after the commencement of the course. An Invoice option must be requested
to our poolside representative on each enrolment date, for us to email an invoice over in the
time frame above.

All lessons will start promptly at the agreed start time. If your child arrives late to the pool, the
lesson will not be extended and will end at the agreed end time.
Bookings may be made by email, telephone or Facebook messenger and shall be on a
first-come, first-serve basis. We shall not be obliged to accept your booking and shall not be
obliged to provide any reason for not accepting your booking.

The fee for a course will be confirmed to you at the time of the booking.You must pay for the
whole course even if your child misses a lesson for any reason. However, if we are provided
with a sufficient notice (1 week prior) we will try and fill the space you hold, which MAY
entitle you to a lesson credit.

(A) You will be reminded by email and/or telephone after non-payment one week after your
first lesson has commenced.
(B) A final warning will be issued by email and/or telephone if no payment has been made
after two allotted sessions of your course have passed, regardless of attendance.
(C) If full payment for the term has not been received (or you have not arranged a
part-payment at our discretion) after your final warning, your booking will be cancelled and
your invoice will remain payable in full.
We accept Cash Payment, Cheques made payable to “Swim Co” and also accept Bacs
transfers and our details for this are given upon request.

If you wish to take a holiday during a course so that your child misses a lesson or lessons
within the course, you must still pay for the entire course. You shall of course retain your
place on the course for the duration of the course. If sufficient notice is given (7 days prior to
the lesson) then we will try and fill your space on a temporary basis which MAY entitle you to
a lesson credit.
We work through various bank holidays and national holidays that fall during a course, not
including Christmas and New Year.

Illness and medical conditions

If there are any signs of stomach upset and sickness in your family on the day of your child’s
lesson or in the 7 days before the lesson, you must inform us by telephone/message no later
than 9am on the day of your child’s lesson and in the case of such notification, we reserve
the right to cancel your child’s lesson for the safety of your child and of others.
Children with heavy colds, sinusitis, ear infections, chickenpox and any other contagious
diseases should not attend lessons whilst these symptoms show. If you have any queries
with regard to further health problems please telephone/message us. We shall not be liable
for your child catching any illness or disease whilst at our lessons.
Subject to the following, we will not provide refunds or credits for absence from booked
lessons due to illness, regardless of the number of lessons missed as a result. However, if
your child suffers a serious illness, which affects him or her for more than 4 weeks (such as
broken bones or any condition that requires prolonged hospitalisation and/or medical
attention) then we may offer you a credit for all lessons missed as a result of the condition if:

(A) you inform us of the condition and prognosis no less than 48 hours before the first lesson
to be missed;

(B) If we offer you a credit in these circumstances but you do not wish to continue with
swimming lessons with us, we may at our discretion offer you a refund instead for the
number of weeks remaining.

Medical conditions
You must declare to us in writing in detail on your enrolment form which is handed to you
upon enrolment, all medical conditions affecting your child, regardless of severity. We will in
our absolute discretion decide whether such medical conditions will restrict your child’s
engagement in lessons and we will notify you of our decision within 48 hours of receiving
your notice.
It is your responsibility to ensure that you or your child is medically fit to swim. We will not be
liable for any accidents or injuries arising from swimming with us that relate to your child’s
individual medical condition(s), save that nothing in these terms and conditions will limit the
liability of any person for death or personal injury caused by negligence.
Requests to change lessons and requests for credits
You do have the right to request a change of day, time, venue or teacher for your booked
lessons for any reason once the course has started, but due to limited availability you may
have to be placed on a waiting list.
If you are ever dissatisfied with a class or teacher, then please notify us either by telephone,
email or our poolside representative and allow us the opportunity to resolve the issue. We
will try to resolve the issue by offering a change in teacher, day, time or venue. If after three
lessons following your notification we are unable to offer a solution that satisfies you and you
choose not to continue with the remainder of the course, we may in our absolute discretion
offer you a refund for the unused lessons remaining in the course.
We try to arrange that your child has the same teacher for each lesson within the course but
we cannot guarantee this due to illness or holidays of the teacher and unforeseen
circumstances. You may not claim a credit or a refund due to a change in teacher.

Shortly before the end of a course we will notify yourself either in person or by message
offering you the chance to re-enrol for the next course within a specified time-limit (hereafter
“re-enrolment deadline”) and setting out the fee for the course.
If you wish to re-enrol you must ensure payment is made for the block of lessons prior to the
first lesson on the enrolment date.
By re-enrolling, you agree to accept these terms and conditions and they will be incorporated
into a binding contract between us.

Parental responsibilities
You are responsible for any children you bring with you into any part of the swimming pool
venue including the changing area.
You must ensure that children are fully toilet-trained before we can accept them as students.
You must not leave the premises whilst your child is in the pool.
Children are not the responsibility of Swim Co or our coaches until the child enters the
swimming pool at the start of a lesson.
You must keep children who are not swimming under your control at all times whilst in the
swimming pool venue.
You may not take photos or video recordings or any other type of recording of any children
within the property.
If you feel that lessons are not providing adequate progression, please raise the issue with
us by way of email, telephone or poolside representative so that we can look for alternatives
or make further recommendations

General pool rules
1. Children must all go to the toilet before they enter the water.
2. Long hair should be tied back or a swimming hat worn.
3. Children should not enter the pool until the class has started and should wait to be
invited into the pool by the teacher.
4. Children must leave the pool as soon as the class has finished and should leave in
an orderly manner.
5. Safety for all is our paramount concern and we have the right to remove anyone on,
in or around the pool who gives us any concern whatsoever with regard to safety.
6. Children must not run or act inappropriately once within the pool vicinity. We shall not
be responsible for any injury/accident caused as a result of children and/or parents
disobeying these rules.

Bryntirion Pool - No Spectators on Poolside, please view lessons behind the glass.